>If My people pray

>Just a quick post. Believing while praying is so essential, and I can’t believe I went the first 23-ish years of my life without truly believing what I was praying most of the time. It’s incredible the results that follow! Here are my experiences in prayer lately:

  • If you pray for patience, the Lord will let you be placed in circumstances beyond your control. Over and over, in every area of your life.
  • If you pray for compassion, He will give you ample opportunity to express this to people, and may use your past experiences as a springboard.
  • If you pray for a burden for the lost, He will give you a righteous anger for what the enemy has done to turn away the hearts of the once-committed, or to let people live their entire lives in half-truths.
  • If you pray for Him to be your best friend, He will let you see that the only one you can ever rely on 100% is Him. Best friends in this world are great and God-given, but He is the only one who will not disappoint.
  • If you pray to think on good things (Phil. 4:8), He will truly give you a thirst for the good things and a repulsion to the bad.
  • If you pray for grace to be sufficient for the day, it will be. Then tomorrow you pray for grace to be sufficient for that day. And so on.
  • If you pray for a transparent heart [of worship], He will create in you a heart that’s worn on your sleeve, in a good way. (A keyboard needs to be created with a built-in tissue dispenser.)

Can you personally relate to any of these?

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