Nothing beats a good run

And it felt great. After sitting and reading at Starbucks this afternoon, we came home and I just felt like running. (Think Forrest Gump.) I hadn’t run in three weeks! That’s the longest I’ve gone since probably Bataan in March. I ran a neighborhood loop of 3.27 miles.

First mile: 11:32. I dodged water puddles the size of Lake Michigan, because here in El Paso they don’t believe in storm drains. I didn’t know what to expect, but I felt pretty good…

Second mile: 11:34. Still felt good. Kept a steady pace. Honestly I didn’t care what it was since I needed any cardio exercise. ANY. I came around a corner and had the mountains and clouds in panoramic view.

Third mile: 10:17. THIS. FELT. AWESOME. I was totally enjoying Coldplay on my Google Play app, the breeze, the 70* weather (!!!!!) and not having to slather on sunscreen and don my sunglasses.

Last .27 of a mile: 2:38. Not bad! I controlled my form and my breathing and brought it home. Literally.

After three weeks of almost no exercise, my body was craving this. Lord knows I’ve “carbed up” quite enough….



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