>It never gets easier…

>…but I feel more at peace.

I used to get really indifferent and apathetic about being apart, almost like I didn’t care if we talked, or saw each other. Now, it’s a peaceful thing almost, like the pain of being apart is a memory. You remember that it hurts but you can’t really feel how much. I thank God for bringing us both that peace.

Aaron and I have been apart now longer than we ever have in our relationship (seven years). The longest we went before this was from January to April of this year, desperately waiting for spring break.

We’re not desperate anymore. We can see reasons for why we’re apart, and we will appreciate each other so much more. I tear up because I love my husband so much. He’s been the greatest gift I’ve ever received, besides salvation of course. I look forward to having our babies and managing our household.

Aaron is such a patient man. Lord knows that I can be stubborn and downright nasty if given the chance, and he’s gracefully (at least in speech, not sure in thought, haha) dealt with me these past seven years. Because of the love and kindness he shows to me, especially when arguing, I’ve become a better person.

He’s never responded to my yelling. If I want to get a point across to him, I have to behave like a decent human being. We never leave when we’re fighting, and never go to bed angry. Those are two of the huge secrets of success in our marriage.

Even if we’re not reunited until the first of the year, I know God will sustain us and give us strength. I’ve known since day one, literally, that we were meant to serve God mightily together, even more than we could apart. I believe that all we’ve been through (and 4.5 of 7 years long distance) speaks of God’s power. He’s preparing us for the future, whatever that may be (I just know it’s big!).

I know some people just cannot understand “how we do it”. Or why either of us would choose to “put up” with this. Because, you know, this has been a choice. We could have been together when we were dating if I’d have transferred to U of I… we could have been together in Arizona if I hadn’t continued teaching… we could be together right now.

But we know that the decisions we’ve made have been thought out carefully and we’ve weighed the pros and cons. We know God will be glorified in our respect of authority. This is not to say that others who choose to do something differently will not be blessed, not at all. But for us specifically we believe that these particular decisions are the best for our “family”.

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