It’s what we’re good at

Aaron leaves soon to go TDY (temporary duty) at another post in the great country of Texas. (Bet your geography teacher forgot to mention that Texas is a country. ;)) He’ll be gone for a total of two months, with a few weeks in between trips. We’ve managed, however, to actually live together in the same place for almost a year. That’s almost a record!

While I always always always hate to see him go, I’m happy that he’s able to do the job the Army trained him to do. It’s amazing looking back at how the job was actually opened up for him because of his kick-ass scores on the ASVAB. That was totally a God thing.

I have to admit, I’m looking forward to what extra money we’ll have from his daily allowance for food and other things. I’m also looking forward to time alone. Yes, I love my husband and yes, I’m no longer working full-time, but sometimes it’s nice to read in bed until all hours, or sometimes that sewing project takes a little longer than anticipated. And when I sew, I sewLike a mother.

It’s gonna be awesome having him in the same state and only an hour difference in time zones instead of 15. Not even kidding you. I mean, guys, Korea’s in the future!

Now, these two trips conveniently happen over my birthday (April 22) and our anniversary (June 21). This will be the fourth year in a row that he’s been absent. We are looking at purchasing a Living Social deal for Santa Fe, New Mexico and would love to take that the weekend before our legal anniversary (May 16, 2008, we got married at the courthouse).

Most likely while he’s gone, I’ll be subsisting on Spaghettios, grilled cheese, egg sandwiches, and ice cream. That’s all the food groups, right? 😉 Then I’ll go work my tush off at the gym, or something like that. And have wild crazy parties. With my dog. It’ll be a good time, dudes.

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