>It’s all a matter of perspective.

>The last two days at work have been interesting. I wasn’t very tactful in my approach to telling my students I am moving. I just said, “I have to tell you something,” at which point they asked if I was pregnant. To which I said an emphatic “no”. “I’m moving to Texas.” Third hour thought I was playing a really mean joke on them. Yesterday sucked; can we just sum it up that way? I’ve never left a job I’ve really truly enjoyed day-to-day, where it doesn’t really feel like work. Even during my first two weeks of teaching full-time I felt that way.

For them, it’s a loss. For me, it’s a small loss in comparison to what life will hold in a few months. Will I work full-time? I’m not sure. I definitely won’t be bored, though! I’m looking forward to getting involved in a new church, making new friends, driving new interstates, learning the inner workings of new Walmarts and Targets, and seeing 1.1 million new faces.

As I think about what moving will be like, I think, What will be the downfalls? Well, we will be 1100 miles from both our families: parents, siblings, nieces and nephew, adorable second cousin (coughAdelinecough). We will miss our church family. But overall, I think it’s time to move on. I don’t mean that as a knock on life here in Illinois, it’s just that we knew we wouldn’t be comfortable in any one place for too long. I’ve known that for almost seven years.

I love how early spring in the evening smells… I will miss this for sure. In almost every aspect, I’m going into this change blindly. Honestly, I think it’s better for me that way. Sometimes being naive is not so bad.

2 thoughts on “>It’s all a matter of perspective.

  1. >Hang in there! You are going into this with a great mindset. Change is always hard, but it's also very rewarding if you embrace it. And it sounds like you are 🙂

  2. >You have such a good attitude! Ready to get out and meet people and you will. You guys will find a new church and you will make TX your home. Although it is hard to say goodbye to everyone I am sure.

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