>Summer observations

>Yes, I have summers off and no, I’m not ashamed.

I love being able to sleep in, or to come home from running or working out, take a shower, and go back to sleep. Guilt level: 0.

I love being able to hang out with friends pretty much whenever.

I love being outside and being active. Running, hiking, biking, walking, swimming, whatever. It’s fun.

I love the sun and heat, as long as there’s a way to cool off, like A/C, water, or a pool. Let’s hope the apartment pool is back on track soon!

I love that everything is so green. The trees, grass and fields. I realize that soon I will see nothing but desert, but I love that too.

Ice cream. Need I say more?

I’m not really loving taking two showers in one day, but I guess it’s necessary so I don’t smell like a junior high boys’ locker room. And my new shampoo smells pretty good. Just sayin’.

Makeup, who needs it? Today I put on only my moisturizer with sunscreen and some mascara. Confidence level? 10/10.

Summer for the past few years has meant a long visit with Aaron and this summer is the best because I don’t have to give him back for awhile!

Speaking of being active…

I went on a trail ride with Becca today. She’s 6’0″ and her husband is 6’7″, so it worked out to use his bike even though I had to lower the seat quite a lot! I’m sooo short at 5’10”. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We went out to Jubilee College State Park west of Peoria. I totally overestimated my abilities. She took off ahead of me and I looked at the trail and took a big gulp. I fell within the first ten seconds, but I got right back on that thing!

We crossed the creek three times, and finally by the third time I just went for it! We walked a lot of it, but it was a great “interval” cardio workout.  She let me borrow Dave’s bike, helmet and gloves. I can see why you’d need a helmet. I also wore bug spray and took my Camelbak. That thing’s come in handy!

Anyway, I had mentioned that I wanted to get a picture in all my scratches-and-mud glory (I know this is nothing compared to you seasoned cyclists!) and so she offered to take this one after she dropped me off. Don’t be deceived; I had a bigger sweat stain than that!

It was fun and totally helped me get the edge off from Aaron coming home a week later than planned. Adrenaline and endorphins do crazy things… so… trail run anyone?

3 thoughts on “>Summer observations

  1. >Totally jealous of your summers off…totally jealous!! Sounds like a fun bike ride!! I would love to do a trail ride, but I currently only own a road bike.

  2. >@Kelli.. no it's not awkward.. thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚ We girls gotta hold each other up. I need a bike too… I'm seeing bikes in our future.

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