Who needs furniture when you have love?

Well, friends, I do. Our household goods were supposed to arrive last Friday, but because of delays, it won’t be here until tomorrow. Good thing I called because I wouldn’t have known about the delay! I pushed about getting it delivered Friday.. they wanted to wait until next Wednesday. Uh, no thanks.

We started off sleeping on an air mattress, and then it got a leak, so we’ve been sleeping on the floor for a few nights now. It’s actually better than the air mattress, which is weird. We have a cooler that I sit on a lot to eat and such, and lots of counter space in the kitchen. So, it works for now.

Saturday, the day after we got the house, we headed out to the trails at Franklin Mountains State Park and did a two-hour hike. Here’s the elevation profile from the Garmin (oh, how I love that thing!)…

total elevation change: +/- 1300 ft.

The hike was awesome. We followed a trail called West Cottonwood, and then turned to come back on a different trail I believe. We followed the directions of a volunteer we met along the way. We found our way to a ridge where we had amazing views of all of El Paso, east and west. Pictures don’t do it justice.

view as we began our hike
on the ridge

Earlier this week, we went out for a short run around the neighborhood. I’m having a hard time keeping a decent pace (10:00/mile) in the arid environment. I know it takes time to adjust. During our run, this little girl joined us for a bit and insisted on coming inside the house. Alas, we could not take her in. 😉

running buddy

Isn’t she cute? We heard a “clack clack clack” of paws and looked behind us to see her trotting to catch up with us. She didn’t bark, didn’t charge or anything aggressive. Eventually she left.

I have curtains up in the living room and kitchen now.. I will wait to post pictures until the house is set up. But, here’s the view from our front window. I met the lady across the street and the neighborhood seems like a nice part of town.

See the mountains? Yeeeaaahh. Pretty.

We’ve been trying to eat healthy.. this was our dinner from last night, plus watermelon. Yum.

whole wheat noodles w/ veggies and chicken, corn on the cob

To conclude, this week in general has been frustrating… no furniture, only one car (at least our drive to post is only 10-15 minutes), endless waiting around in offices and such to get things taken care of (Tricare, vehicle registration, etc).  However, I have a job interview on Tuesday! I will keep you updated.

I’m excited about meeting new friends… I had coffee with a fellow Army wife on Monday. We’ve discovered the brand new fitness center on post, which is free. There are 60 treadmills, tons of bikes, ellipticals, weight machines, and an indoor track! Can’t wait to do some speedwork. I’m very happy that I’ve gained only 2 pounds in the past month; with all the eating out and stress of moving, that’s not too bad. I can’t wait to sign up and train for a race or two…

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