>strange week

>i’m glad this week is almost over. i’ve made a complete 180* turn-around in my attitude. last saturday i slept for a good portion of the day and felt sorry for myself that i was here and he was there. this saturday i got up, went to the farmer’s market downtown (i really love peoria, little known fact) and then worked on addy’s pageant dress. she will be a princess! then my cousin, his wife, and another couple and i went to a really good steak place for dinner. it was nice to get out with christian adults.

i have skipped two of my days on my training schedule. i really have no good reason except the whiny, “i just don’t want to”. tomorrow i’m supposed to go for a four-miler. if anything, i will get back on track on monday.

as we’re apart more, it gets easier and harder at the same time. it’s easy for me to go to bed by myself since i’ve been doing it for 15 months now. it’s easy to take care of the apartment, especially now that i’m not working. it gets easier to say goodbye. but it also gets more difficult to enjoy my time out with people when i know he’d love to partake in the fun.

we joked around about taking my laptop everywhere i go with him on webcam, and setting the computer in a chair with a booster seat. haha.

in the midst of all of this, God has surrounded me with good people who love the Lord, who support me emotionally, listen to me and offer heartfelt advice. He’s placed a good number of people in my life who are in their mid to upper 20’s, either with kids or without. He’s placed people to fill in every role: mom, sister, friend, aunt, grandma. it’s been great.

now off to enjoy the rest of the evening and actually have the morning to myself tomorrow! i love playing on the worship team, but it’s refreshing to have a sunday off.

next week’s goals:
-get back on track with half marathon training
-start doing my korean book!

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