>Pre-marathon checklist

>I warned you about all the running or marathon-related posts.

This week has been relaxing. Here’s my personal pre-marathon jitters checklist.

  • Take it easy. I ran 3 miles at an easy pace today. Felt like I could go for, oh you know, 26.2 miles.
  • Take naps when you feel tired. I took a nap yesterday and Monday after work.
  • Drink like a fish! I’ve been trying to drink tons of water and G2.
  • Stay healthy. I’ve been drinking those Emergen-C packets twice a day.
  • Eat healthy. Ehh.. I’ve been trying to do this. I’ve been eating a lot of protein at least. Friday night I’m having pasta!
  • Pack your bag. I started doing this tonight. Running shorts, four different shirts (I like to have options!), shoes, socks, underwear (duh), PJ’s, gels, Camelbak, Gatorade packets, protein bars, foot wrap and Icy Hot just in case, iPod arm band, headphones (Skull Candy ones rock!), Garmin, Garmin charger, ponytails and bobby pins, deodorant…. etc.
  • Read up on the marathon and know where to meet your party. Done and done.
  • Find last-minute inspiration from quotes and running sites. Although I will say, if you’re not inspired by now, you’re gonna have issues!
  • Relax!
This is a pretty funny link making fun of marathoners.. it gave me a good laugh. The comments are even better.. some people take themselves way too seriously.

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